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Starr Cullars & The Enterprise

Review 12/17/98 From: Dr.Brookenstein

At Ulana's in Philly (Starr*'s Birthday Gig) Arriving at 8:45pm, I met Starr* at the front door and we walked inside the club, where I greeted Lige Curry. Ulana's is a very classy club in the heart of Society Hill....the only problem was that there could have been much better lighting in the upstairs portion of the club. About the gig, I was telling Shawn Hill that it would be a better idea if the group did one long set, instead of two sets. My reasons: (1) the group played totally different songs during the second set and (2) the second set was a lot more slammin'....and I mean, in the vein of alternative, heavy-duty rock (of course, rock with a dash of funk)! At 10:05pm, Starr* Cullars & The Enterprise started their set with an intro number, introducing the one-and-only funky female bassist, Ms. STARRRRRRRRRRRR* CULLARS!! Then, the crowd was subjected to some serious heavy-metal guitar & bass jamming a la Praxis, before the group rocked the club with the fiery inferno of guitar rock of "Red Alert"!!! Much of that fierce energy continued into the next tune "Starr*-gazing"! Slowing the groove a bit, the Enterprise tackled "Seduce Me", a great funk-rock tune. "Darling Does He" is a more-than-excellent R&B/funk track, propelled by the roaming bass sounds of Starr* about "something stinks and I want some!" DAMN!! And the continuous bass swoops were so deep that they could have awakened folks in New York City! By the way, her vocal skills were more than adequate and that's a big understatement....Ms. Cullars has proven herself to be a marvelous songbird! (She can kick Whitney Houston's and Mariah Carey's asses anytime!) "Simply The Best", a Tina Turner track, was simply that! "My Soulmate" is another heavy rock tune with some more Starr mega-bass and Lige Curry kicks some serious ass on his guitar solo! The club's atmosphere became unbearable with the noxious funk fumes, thanks to Lige! (Mike "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton, are you listening?!) Shawn Hill was definitely on the one, as the rumblings of his drums were enough to create seismic activity of enormous proportion! If you didn't have funk insurance, you would have been sorry as you would have been in critical condition from mental & physical shock....'cuz this music can be very hazardous to your health....and your booty! The first set of this extravaganza ended at 10:55pm. The second set started at 11:30pm. The Starr* was introduced by Lige. The band did the Starr*/George Clinton/Bootsy collaborated tune "Lady Likes Bottom".....a nice, R&B/funk track that somewhat on the slow side. "Up's Just a Place To Come Down From" is what Starr* chanted throughout the "Bottom" song! The next tune was a special was a heavy-duty guitar-rock piece originally performed by Cream called "Sunshine"...Starr* and her gang did an extraordinary cover.....Lige was definitely in effect with some psychedelic-rock chords that filled the air like the intense smell of chitterlings! The band did my personal favorite, "Kosen Rufu" which is a slow-tempo, mellow R&B number that's dominated mainly by Starr*'s mega-bass, Lige's slow-paced, scorching guitar, and Starr*'s beautiful, passionate voice! I think that this is the point where everyone in the crowd & onstage sang "Happy Birthday" to Starr* Cullars....her birthday is on December 18th and it was just after 12:00 midnight! Following that was a funky rock jam called "Make It Happen". "Blasting Off" is a heavy rock guitar jam featuring groovin' solos by Shawn & Starr*. Stepping up the tempo quite a bit is the roaring, high-powered hard rock tune "Tonight", which goes to the verge of venturing into speed metal territory....if the walls of the club weren't as strong as they were, Ulana's would be virtually nonexistent!! "Harmony" is a nice, alternative rock tune, which included some folk-rock guitar licks. The band even covered Funkadelic's "Red Hot Momma", with a fierce heavy guitar solo! To end the set, the band did "Starr*-gazing" again as the encore performance. The second set ended at 12:55am.

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